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About the project

22. Dec. 2009. in news

Corruption in education in Montenegro seriously endangers the further development and reform process. It increases the already existing problems through a domino effect: namely, students graduating without the proper knowledge are unable to contribute to the general development of the country, but also, the transfers of corrupt behavior patterns in their future professions. The project “Fight against corruption in education” is supported by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, by the Center for Monitoring and Research, and the Center for Civic Education, with the aim to contribute to the reduction of corruption in the educational system of Montenegro. The specific objective of this project is to establish mechanisms for monitoring and implementation of anti-corruption measures in the educational system of Montenegro through a set of activities within the framework of this project, which include: Improving the implementation of the Law on Free Access to Information at the University of Montenegro; Annual survey of attitudes and perceptions of citizens about the presence of corruption in the educational system of Montenegro; Making guide on corruption in education for students, as well as an annual conference on corruption in education.

This project aims to achieve the following:

1) Strengthened knowledge and skills of students in identifying and combating corruption in higher education

2) Increased transparency of operations of the University and its organizational units in the areas of financial management, recruitment procedures, and student enrollment;

3) Raised level of awareness of citizens about the key problems caused by corruption in education;

4) The proposed concrete measures to combat corruption in education to decision-makers in this area.