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CeMI počeo sa pružanjem besplatne pravne pomoći

02. Sep. 2015. in news

Center for Monitoring and Research (CEMI) starts with providing Free Legal Aid to patients. Free Legal Aid is one of the most important activities within the project „Healing the Healthcare System of Montenegro“.

If you consider that your rights as a patient are threatened, if you need legal advice, legal opinions and advocacy in the field of exercising your rights as a patient, CEMI will provide free legal aid.

 For further information and reporting violations of your rights as a patient, please contact us by phone 020/511-424, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and you will be provided with a lawyer and expert legal assistance. Information material on the provision of free legal aid is distributed and you can find it in all general and specialized hospitals and health centers in Montenegro.

Aware of the problems faced by the citizens of Montenegro in the exercise of their rights to adequate health care, in line with similar activities that were implemented in previous years, CeMI through the mentioned project decided to start with the implementation of free legal aid. The free legal aid includes the provision of primary legal aid which includes the initial legal advice and providing general legal information. Also, depending on the severity of received cases of violation of the patients' rights, free legal aid includes free legal representation before the courts, as well as in mediation proceedings, and drafting submissions that such cases would be initiated before the relevant judicial authorities.

This project is organized within the program "Criminal Justice Civil Society Program (CJCSP)", funded by the US Embassy in Podgorica. With this project, CeMI will contribute to the decrease of the corruption level in Montenegro within the healthcare sector. Through the project CeMI will work on increasing awareness of citizens on their patients’ rights and provide Free Legal Aid to all interested patients, for implementation of their rights, also CeMI will try to affect on legal and strategic framework for the fight against corruption in procedures of public procurement in healthcare system and procedures for manufacturing, registration, and distribution of medicines.