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Ideas and Approaches on Investigating Online Campaign Violations - A forward-looking toolkit

01. Jun. 2022. in publications

This toolkit introduces the Centre for Monitoring and Research’s (CeMI) forward looking ideas and approaches on investigating electoral campaign violations through social media.

This toolkit has been developed as a continuation of CeMI’s pilot investigation in 2021 in the lead up to the Montenegrin 2020 Parliamentary Elections. As part of this pilot initiative, CeMI developed the original methodology and leveraged this approach to identify potential Abuses of State Resources, Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior, and Campaign Violations during the electoral period.

It provides an overview to futures thinking and examines some of the important aspects of political campaigning on social media that monitors may consider when introducing it into the investigation process. Toolkit also includes useful tips on how to document and report research findings, as well as tools and other tips that may facilitate investigation efforts.