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International conference in Budva

18. Feb. 2017. in news

Center for Monitoring and Research CeMI has held the second BCES International Scientific Conference “The Presidentialization of Political Parties in the Western Balkans”, from 17-18th of February 2017 in Budva, Montenegro.

The conference was organized within the framework of international scientific research project “Balkan Comparative Electoral Study: The Presidentialization of Political Parties – Limiting Internal Party Democracy”.

The conference was aimed at presentation of findings of research on the topic of the powers of the presidents of the political parties in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania and Croatia.

The event was moderated by a professor at the University of Sapienza in Italy, PhD Gianluca Passarelli, editor of the only international revelation of book on the topic of presidentialization, and also the editor of the book which will be published within this project on presidentialization of political parties in the Western Balkans.

The two-day conference brought together regional experts in the field of political, electoral and party systems, which are CeMI’s partners on this project, including speakers and panelists at the panel discussion, as well as international experts Michael Marsh (Trinity College Dublin) and Mark Franklin, Georg Lutz (University of Lausanne).