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Monitoring of Referendum Campaign Financing

07. Jan. 2017. in publications

Authors: Zlatko Vujovic, Branko Boskovic and Ida Ferdinandi

The project "Monitoring of finacing of referendm campaign" is a continuation of efforts to raise the level of transparency in financing of political parties.
The project is supported by USAID and USAID ORT. This publication is an integral part. It consists of five parts.

The first part  refers to the comment of the legal framework, the second contains the comment on the implementation of regulations relating to the financing of referendum campaign, the third part contains the results and analysis of the attitudes of the citizens on the financing of referendum campaign. The fourth part of this publication includes a review of the reports that were filed by entities of referendum campaign to the Republican Referendum Commission and the Committee for the financing of referendum campaign, while the last part contains the text of the Law on referendum on state status of Montenegro.

Download the publication in Montenegrin language.