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O projektu

20. Aug. 2014. in news

The project "Strengthening Think Tank Capacities in the Fight Against Corruption" was supported by the Foundation for an Open Society - Think Tank Fund from Budapest. The aim of the project is to provide support in further development and strengthening the capacities of the Center for Monitoring and Research CeMI in the field of drafting public policy proposals and advocacy based on facts.

The project consists of a series of activities aimed at strengthening the professional capacities of the Public Policy Research Department, as well as the re-systematization of the CeMI structure and the innovations of the strategic documents on which our organization operates.

Within the project, CeMI Research Committee was formed, consisting of: Drago Kos, a member of the International Commission for the Fight against Corruption in Afghanistan and the President of the OECD Anti-Bribery Task Force; Marijana Trivunović - international expert for fight against corruption and OSI consultant; Drino Galicic - associate at the University of Graz and a consultant in the field of methodology for numerous international organizations. This board will provide expert support to the Policy Research Department in the process of research and policy preparation.