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Plagiarism in Montenegro: Corruption we forgive?!

06. Jan. 2017. in publications

Plagiarism is one of the primary problems of education system in Montenegro, but in many developed countries as well. Over the past five years, Centre for Monitoring and Research has dealt with the topic of plagiarism and academic fraud through various projects. This brief public policy proposal is an outcome of realization of project “Strengthening of Think Tank capacities in fight against corruption”, which has been implemented by CeMI with support of Think Tank Fund from Budapest. It is aimed at brief presentation of plagiarism as form of academic fraud which is, based on our research, widely present form of corruption in our society, as well as definition of recommendations that would help improve current situation in this field. This public policy proposal is consisted of five parts: description of the problem – which contains definition of plagiarism that suits best academic form of plagiarizing, description of legal framework that regulates plagiarism issue in Montenegro, analysis of current situation in Montenegro when it comes to fight against plagiarizing academic works, examples of good practice in fight against plagiarism and recommendations for improvement of situation in this field.