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Press conference for presentation of results of public opinion survey on corruption in Montenegro

16. Dec. 2013. in news

Within the project „Strengthening of Think Tank Capacities in Fight against Corruption“ and supported  by the Think Tank Fund  from Budapest, Center for Monitoring and Research CeMI has presented results of public opinion survey on corruption in Montenegro, at the press conference, held December 16th in PR Center in Podgorica.

Subject of the survey was divided in four narrower problem circles:

• First problem circle is concentrated on attitudes of citizens towards problems that Montenegro is currently facing;

• Second circle is related to perception of corruption – its extent, causes and consequences and sectors and stakeholders which are mostly exposed to its devastating influence;

• Third circle encompasses experiences of citizens and their immediate surroundings with different forms of corruption;

• Finally, subject of the survey was the attitude of citizens towards (un)successfulness of anticorruption policies, i.e. key institutions in charge of its implementation.

Public opinion survey on corruption in Montenegro, in Montenegrin language can be downloaded HERE.