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The adoption of amendments to the Law on Local Self-Government continues the dangerous undermining of the constitutional order of Montenegro

28. Dec. 2022. in news

The Center for Monitoring and Research CeMI strongly condemns the unconstitutional actions of the parliamentary majority which, through the adoption of amendments to the Law on Local Self-Government, continues to dangerously undermine the constitutional order of Montenegro.

The parliamentary majority composed of 41 MPs cannot change the principles of the electoral process, which are already defined by the Constitution and the Law of the election of Councilors and MPs, and can only be changed by a two-thirds majority vote of all MPs.

The adoption of legislative solutions that are in obvious contradiction with the Constitution of Montenegro, at the moment of the complete dysfunctionality of the Constitutional Court, is consciously aimed at the complete collapse of the constitutional system of Montenegro. In addition to the changes to the Law on Local Self-Government, the ruling majority adopted a few weeks ago changes to the Law on the President of Montenegro the same way, completely ignoring the Constitution of Montenegro and the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

By abusing the dysfunctionality of the Constitutional Court for political purposes, the parliamentary majority continuously shows worrying anti-democratic manners, which must be condemned by the entire domestic and international public.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the parliamentary majority, which is not always the same but is changing, including from case to case almost all parliamentary parties, destroys the Constitution with its unconstitutional moves.

We appeal to all parties, and especially the current parliamentary majority, to repeal these legal changes and refrain from similar moves in the future.

It is not possible to get out of the political and institutional crisis if the parliamentary majority violates the Constitution almost every day. The anti-democratic actions of the parliamentary majority are introducing Montenegro into an even deeper political crisis, which will certainly result in the suspension of negotiations with the European Union and the international isolation of the country.