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The European team for Niksic has 18 mandates, For the future of Niksic 11, and Peace is our nation 10 mandates

14. Mar. 2021. in news

In the local elections held in Niksic, the European team for Niksic won 18 seats, For the future of Niksic 11, Peace is our nation 10, Black and White one, the People's Movement one seat, and the Social Democratic Party did not pass the census.

At the final press conference, the President of the Steering Board of CeMI, Zlatko Vujovic, said that based on 140 processed polling stations, it is no longer known whether the SDP will enter the parliament.

"The possibility for the SDP to pass the three percent electoral threshold no longer exists, so the SDP will not have parliamentary status. All other electoral lists passed the census. "There is still a theoretical chance of the mandate being transferred from the DPS to the Black and White coalition, but it is most likely that there will be no change as far as the mandate is concerned," Vujovic said.

As for the overall balance of power, the DPS, as he said, managed to almost achieve the result that all political parties of the opposition minus the SDP achieved in the previous parliamentary elections, which is 41 percent, "and they currently have 40.41 percent “.

"The DPS has grown by about two percent in relation to the parliamentary elections. "When we talk about other coalition lists, the Black and White coalition has made a slight growth, of 0.2 percent," Vujovic said.

Vujovic said that, when the results of the coalitions of Miodrag Daka Davidovic, "For the future of Niksic" and "Peace is our nation" are added, a similar result was obtained that the two lists led by Peace is our nation and the Democratic Front achieved in the previous elections.

"That result was 52.3 percent, and in the previous parliamentary elections, these lists won 53.4 percent." Slight decline, but not significant. We are waiting for the results from one polling station ", stated Vujovic.

He thanked the citizens of Niksic for, as he said, preserving peace and that there were no major incidents, as well as for the observers who enabled transparent observation of the elections and accurate data.

CeMI accredited 182 observers to monitor the local elections in Niksic, who were deployed at all polling stations.

The Civic Monitoring of Local Elections in Niksic project was supported by the British Embassy in Podgorica.