CEMI - Centar za monitoring i istraživanje

Vladimir Simonović

Vladimir Simonović has a law degree from Law school at Mediterranean University and he is currently a student of Master studies, majoring in criminal law. Since 2019. He’s been a part of CeMI’s legal team, where he worked on such projects as Judicial Reform: Upgrading CSO’s capacities to contribute to the Integrity of Judiciary and Restorative Justice – Alternative Sanctions to Re-socialization. He was a member of the Core Team during the project of Civic Monitoring of Parliamentary and Local Elections in Montenegro 2020 and the project of Civic Monitoring of Local Elections in Niksic 2021, and a short-term observer for the ENEMO observation mission of Presidential Elections in Moldova in 2020. He participated in numerous conferences, seminars, and trainings in the fields of rule of law, human and minority rights, electoral rights and organized crime and corruption. He has advanced computer skills and is fluent in English.