CEMI - Centar za monitoring i istraživanje

Improving capacities of CSOs’ and the system of consumer protection in MNE

Centre for Monitoring and Research (CEMI), in cooperation with partners: Center for Consumer protection, Montenegrin LGBTQ association (Queer MNE) and the Network of NGOs for the Affirmation of European Integration Process,is organizing a project named Improving capacities of CSOs’ and the system of consumer protection in MNE „PROTECT.ME“. The project is funded by the European Union through the Program for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA).

The project aims to build the capacity of civil society organizations in policy development and service delivery in relation to consumer rights. Also, the project aims to contribute to the process of European integration through strengthening of the civil sector to actively participate in social development policy-making through the implementation of the project. Through the activities of the project the protection of consumer rights will be supported , consumers’ and members’ of the business sector awareness will be increased in terms of their rights and obligations, but also the participation of state and local authorities and citizens in creating commemorative consumer protection system will be enhanced.

Direct target groups of this project are primarily CSOs (future members of the CP Network and other interested CSOs), Judical institutions (Courts, Prosecutors…), relevant Regulatory agencies(EKIP- Agency for electronic communications and postal services Energy Regulatory Agency…), relevant inspections, other national and local authorities (Governmento of Montenegro – Ministries of Economy and Justice, national Parliament, municipalities…), as well as all interested citizens of Montenegro, especially most marginalized and vulnerable groups from Montenegro and abroad. However, this list should also include EU and other international institutions, as they will be informed about main outcomes of the Action and possibly aid our advocacy efforts. In this way, the Action would get around 30% of relevant decision-makers and a minimum of 10-20% of the consumer population from Montenegro, which will be reached through internet/media and especially the mobile application (those users that own smart phones).

All partners will work together with other civil society organizations and institutions in order to achieve bigger awareness of citizens about their rights as consumers and about their opportunities for cooperation with the Network , which will provide them free legal assistance from a licensed lawyers. The mobile app will help citizens to be proactive and will motivate them to report possible violations of their rights.