CEMI - Centar za monitoring i istraživanje

Judicial Reform Monitoring

The objective of project „Judicial Reform Monitoring“ is to increase participation of CSOs and supporting the judicial reform process and the implementation of the Judicial Reform Strategy and Action Plan, thus contributing to progress of Montenegro’s advancement in the EU approximation process related to Chapters 23 and 24.

Main objectives of project are: forming an expert Action team, a 2-day training open to all interested CSO, assessment of the realization of judiciary reform process so far, creation of the Report, organizing the 1st National Conference, monitoring of the independence, impartiality and accountability of judiciary, policy study ”Financial independence of courts”, monitoring of the implementation of efficiency of judiciary, analysis of the implementation of the system of random allocation of cases, comparative analysis on the process of rationalization of judicial network, thematic research on the implementation of Law on the Protection of the Right to a Trial within a reasonable time, creating a Report and organizing round table for presentation of the Report, monitoring of access to justice, conducting field research, creating Report on the Implementation of Judicial Reform Strategy 2014-2015, organizing the 2nd National Conference, conducting a public opinion poll, organizing 3 local panel discussions, printing and dissemination of leaflets for citizens.

Also, Center for Monitoring and Research and HRA are members of Coalition of nongovernmental organizations for monitoring accession negotiations with EU in accordance with Chapter 23 – Judiciary and fundamental rights. Common action is to contribute to the establishment and strengthening of judicial efficiency. The project „Judicial Reform Monitoring“ is implemented with the support of the Delegation of European Union to Montenegro through IPA program 2013 and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands through the “MATRA” program and is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice.