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School of Euro-Atlantic Integration for Youth – III generation

The organization of the third generation of the School is supported by the Commission for the distribution of part of the income from games of chance for the year 2013 and the NATO Membership Council. With this project, CeMI aims to continue educating young people about the process of Euro-Atlantic integration, about the character and content of that process, the positive and negative aspects of integration.

The beneficiaries of this project are members of the councils of young political parties, young members of non-governmental organizations and journalists, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students who are socially engaged and who are up to 35 years old.

Through the organization of the third generation of the multi-month School of Euro-Atlantic Integration for young people, the goal of the project is for the participants to acquire and improve their knowledge about the character of the NATO organization, the structure and competences of the Alliance, its role in the world, the steps to full membership as well as the advantages and disadvantages that membership brings with it. with myself.

The school consists of three modules, i.e. 20 lectures, whereby the lectures would be organized once or twice a week. Lecturers at the school are distinguished university professors, experts, diplomats and ambassadors who deal with issues of international relations, international security, peace studies, the security of the Western Balkans, as well as the reform of the Montenegrin defense sector and the process of Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro.

Upon completion of the school, participants will receive a certificate of school attendance, according to pre-defined conditions of participation in the work of the school.