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Montenegro: Elections aftermath and the European Commission’s 2016 country progress reports

21. Mar. 2013. u publikacije

The brief provides a deeper insight into Montenegro's political scene, highlighting the paradoxical nature of its position. Despite advocating for European integration, the country has been mired in political stagnation since 1990, with the same elites maintaining control for over 25 years, raising concerns about democratic processes. The recent parliamentary elections failed to address these issues, as serious shortcomings emerged, including government control of the media and irregularities during the elections themselves.

Efforts to involve opposition parties in the transitional government have yielded limited results and even encountered obstacles, indicating deeper systemic issues. Furthermore, the EU accession process poses additional challenges, facing a lack of transparency and inadequate oversight, further complicating reforms in Montenegro.

This more comprehensive overview underscores the need for fundamental changes and greater transparency in the country's political landscape to enable progress toward democratic standards and European integration.