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Access to the labor market - Overview from the position of Roma, Egyptians and Persons with Disabilities

06. Jan. 2017. in publications

Within the project “Strengthening CSO capacities in fight against poverty and social exclusion”, supported by the Delegation of the European Union in Montenegro, implemented by CEMI in cooperation with Juventas and Cazas, ten CSO’s dealing with issues in areas of health, education, social inclusion and human rights in general, have formed the Coalition for Social Changes. Coalition for Social Changes has created policy proposals from four areas of the PASIS through careful monitoring of the Strategy implementation, field research, and interviews with relevant institutions. Within this project the following policy study was created „Access to the Labor Market – Overview from the Position of Roma, Egyptians and Persons with Disabilities“ written by representatives of NGO Juventas, Ekvista and Institute for Social Inclusion. This study tackles the area of (un)employment of Roma, Egyptians and persons with disability in Montenegro.