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Countering High-Level Corruption - Study on the Special State Prosecutors Office's Performance in High-level corruption cases (2020-2023)

11. Sep. 2023. in publications

The Special State Prosecution Office (SSPO) of Montenegro was established in 2015, granting it jurisdiction over various criminal offenses, including organized crime, high-level corruption, money laundering, terrorism, and war crimes. This study presents an analysis of the SSPO's performance in addressing high-level corruption cases during the final two years of Chief Special Prosecutor Katnic's term (2020 - 2022) and the current leadership under Chief Special Prosecutor Novovic (2022 – present time). Both Chief Special Prosecutors have prioritized investigations into high-level corruption. However, despite an increase in number of investigations and indictments, the anticipated increase in convictions has not materialized, raising significant questions about the effectiveness of the criminal justice system in combating high-level corruption. The study offers comprehensive data on the SSPO's handling of criminal complaints related to high-level corruption, including details about investigations and indictments for offenses involving elements of high-level corruption between 2020 and 2023. Based on this analysis, the study provides specific observations and recommendations aimed at improving the overall effectiveness in the fight against high-level corruption.