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Elections and electoral legislation in Montenegro 1990-2004

07. Jan. 2017. in publications

Authors: Ph.d. Veselin Pavicevic, Olivera Komar i Zlatko Vujovic

This book is the final product of the project "Elections and the electoral system in Montenegro 1990-2004''. The project was implemented by the research team of the Centre for Monitoring.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part is related to a critical analysis of the normative structure of the electoral process and the effects of the practiced electoral system. The second part is devoted to the monitoring of the electoral process by international observation missions, and local NGOs specialized in civic election monitoring. The third part consists of the basic normative acts regulating the area of elections in Montenegro.

This project was supported by the Norwegian People's Aid and the Assembly of the Republic of Montenegro, through the program of support of NGOs.

Download the publication in Montenegrin language.