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Handbook on conflict of interests for public officers

07. Jan. 2017. in publications

Editor: Dragana Vesovic

The aim of this publication is to bring closer to public officers the issue of conflicts of interest, and in a receptive manner to represent their legal obligations in the conduct of public affairs. The manual was developed in collaboration with the National Commission for the fortifications of Conflict of interest with which CEMI had a successful collaboration on the project "Education of public officials on conflict of interest".

Manual covers the following topics:

* conflict of interest as a socio-political problem and its implications;
* public functions under the Law on conflict of interest;
* bligation of public officials;
* prohibited conduct;
* exercise of public functions and other duties;
* role and competence of the Commission for the fortifications of Conflict of interest;
* most common examples of situations of conflict of interest of public officials;
* potential conflicts of interest and mechanizms for prevention;
* experience of countries in the region and the international standards;
* suggestions for the improvement of domestic legal mechanisms for prevention of conflicts of interest.

Download the publication in Montenegrin language.