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Uncertain race for the president of Montenegro

02. Mar. 2023. in news

"Bearing in mind that since the restoration of Montenegro's independence, all presidential elections, and we had three of them, were completed in the first round, although those held in 2013 were uncertain, these are the first elections that will obviously enter the second round. What is additionally uncertain is that, although everyone believes that the current president of Montenegro, Milo Đukanović, will most likely be in the second round, it is not yet certain who his opponent will be," Miloš Vukanović, Director of the Department for Public Policy Research at CeMI.

Read the complete interview on the link: https://www.euronews.rs/evropa/region/79565/neizvesna-trka-za-predsednika-crne-gore-zavrsni-udarac-dps-u-ili-novi-krug-za-mila-dukanovica/vest