CEMI - Centar za monitoring i istraživanje

Facebook/Global/Election Integrity Strategy in Montenegro Project

Under the 2020 Facebook Pilot Award, CeMI and IFES collaborated to strengthen CeMI’s capacity to monitor social media in the lead up to Montenegro’s August 2020 elections for evidence of abuse of state resources, campaign violations and coordinated inauthentic behavior.

Within this project CeMI will focus on documenting and expanding their processes for identifying online evidence of (1) Abuse of State Resources (2) Campaign Violations and (3) Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior, including the development of narrative guidance and tools that can assist knowledge exchange with other CSO’s working on similar issues in other countries.

To effectively implement the scope of work and deliver on the project, CeMI will conduct the following activities.

·       Based on CeMI’s experience monitoring social media ahead of August 2020 elections and subsequent lessons learned, create resources that share key considerations and steps for creating and implementing a social media monitoring approach that focuses on [1] Abuse of State Resources (ASR) [2] Campaign Violations and [3] Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior (CIB).

·       Consult with IFES at key phases in the design and development of the deliverables and incorporate IFES feedback into the final products.

·       Participation in and leading up to 5 trainings, working sessions or meetings focused on knowledge exchange, lessons learned, and tool development with other IFES partner organizations or networks.

·       Convene and facilitate a one-day workshop with the ENEMO network to strengthen the network’s technical capacity with working sessions in the following three areas: 1) abuse of state resources 2) campaign violations and 3) coordinated inauthentic behavior.