CEMI - Centar za monitoring i istraživanje

Monitoring the trial processes in Montenegro

OEBS Mission in Montenegro has chosen the Monitoring Center to be partner in realization of the two-year project name “Monitoring the trial process.” Considering that the project achieved exceptional results, implementation was extended to two more years. The project has for its aim strengthening the rule of law in Montenegro, through providing support to the process of legal reforms by improving the standards of fair trial process and its integrity.

Project activities are focused on the assessment of current judicial practices related to the application of domestic criminal law and international fair trial standards, providing recommendations for improving functioning of the criminal justice system and enhancing capacities of civil sector in monitoring the trials. Working group of the OSCE Mission in Montenegro, undertaking the implementation of this project consists of distinguished jurists: Aleksa Ivanović and Bojana Ostojić.

In the second part of the project referring to capacity building of the Monitoring center with the aim that this institution could, by the end of this project, independently implement monitoring of trials, lawyers Milorad Marković and Vlado Dedović were hired.