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Handbook “Get to know the European Union”

07. Jan. 2017. in publications

The publication is part of the multi-year program "Get to know the European Union", funded by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and the UK Embassy.

The publication covers the following topics:

1. European ideas – Srdjan Brajovic
2. History of the European Union – Ms.c. Djuro Stojanovic
3. The European Council – Zlatko Vujovic
4. Council of the European Union – Ms.c. Djuro Stojanovic
5. The European Parliament – Zlatko Vujovic
6. The European Commision – Daliborka Uljarevic
7. The Court of Justice of the European Communities – Momcilo Radulovic
8. The European Economic and Social Committee – Stevo Muk
9. Committee of the Regions – Daliborka Uljarevic
10. Community Law – Ms.c. Vladimir Vucinic
11. The development of European economic integration – Bosiljka Vukovic
12. Enlargement of the European Union – Ms.c. Nenad Koprivica
13. Montenegro in the process of joining – Ms.c. Nenad Koprivica
14. European security system – Zlatko Vujovic
15. Civil Society in Europe – Stevo Muk
16. The European Union and Human Rights – Aleksandar Sasa Zekovic
17. European identity – Dragana Vesovic
18. Youth and the European Union – Ivana Vojvodic

Download the publication in Montenegrin language.