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Round table on administrative investigation

16. Dec. 2013. in announcements

Within the project „Strengthening of Think Tank Capacities in Fight against Corruption“ and supported  by the Think Tank Fund  from Budapest, Center for Monitoring and Research CeMI is organizing the Round table „Strong powers and administrative investigation as precondition for better results in figght against corruption in Montenegro“ on Wednesday, December 18th at 10:00 am. The Round table will take place at the PR Center, Josipa Broza 23A in Podgorica.

At this round table, the policy study on achieved  and expected results of administrative investigation in Montenegro, will be presented. This policy study has encompassed analysis of powers of institutions currently dealing with fight against corruption, jurisdictions of which will partially or completely will be transferred to the Agency for the Fight against Corruption; analysis of best practice examples and concrete recommendations for strengthening of powers of the future Agency for the Fight against Corruption.