Rule of Law and Human Rights

Within the program Rule of law and human rights CeMI will continue to perform activities aimed at further strengthening of democracy and rule of law and improvement of respect of basic human rights and fundamental freedoms. Also, through this program, CEMI continues to provide an expert support to institutions of the system and its work, especially in the area of fulfillment of the obligations and standards in EU integration process in chapter 23 and 24. Monitoring of judicial reform will be a major challenge for CEMI in the future.


Good Governance and Fight against Corruption

Through this program CeMI will continue to implement projects and activities that will lead to reducing levels of corruption in Montenegro. CeMI will continue to analyze effects of policies in this area, and to propose best solutions for improving effects of anti-corruption measures, through annual reports. Special attention will be paid to reform of the institutional framework for the fight against corruption, to which CeMI will grant professional support through detailed analysis and active advocacy of a single, strong and independent anti-corruption agency model.


Security and Defense Sector Reform

In accordance with the new trends and changing priorities of further democratization of Montenegrin society and progress towards European and international standards, CeMI has established, through Strategic Plan, a new program “Security and defense sector reform”. Through this program, CeMI will focus efforts on development and implementation of projects and initiatives in the field of security and defense issues, in order to contribute to the successful implementation of reforms, and meet the standards and criteria in this field.


Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation

Main aims of the Program for Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation are: improving of the efficiency of the implementation of Social policies in Montenegro, by advocating for policy changes and supporting their implementation, thus contributing to the overall social justice; providing equal access to justice for all citizens, especially the most marginalized and socially endangered groups, as well as advocating for higher social responsibility of Private companies, as well as social entrepreneurship as a future concept in Montenegro.



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