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Based on 55.5 percent of processed sample, “Europe Now” and coalition “Together” won the highest percentage of votes

11. Jun. 2023. in news

In the parliamentary elections, based on 55.5 percent of the processed sample, the Europe Now Movement won 25.5 percent of votes, the coalition "Together" (DPS-SD-LP-DUA) 23.3 percent, and "For the Future of Montenegro" (NSD, DNP, RP) 15.8 percent, announced the executive director of the Centre for Monitoring and Research (CeMI), Ana Nenezić.

"Coalition ‘Being Brave Counts’ (Democrats-URA) won 12.4 percent, Bosniak Party 6.9 percent, Socialist People's Party (SNP) and Demos 3.5 percent, Albanian Forum 2.1 percent, Albanian Alliance 1.2 percent, Croatian Civic Initiative 0.6 percent", Nenezic said at the press conference.

She pointed out that CeMI will be using two methodologies.

“First, we will present the results based on a sample of 400 polling stations. We are now at more than 55 percent of the processed sample. We will also do a parallel counting of votes from all polling stations in Montenegro, which we will announce at the end of the election night", Nenezić pointed out.

She thanked everybody for their attention and reminded that CeMI is releasing the projections of the election results very shortly.