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Based on 69 percent of sample data processed Djukanovic and Milatovic won the highest number of votes

19. Mar. 2023. in news

According to the pieces of information obtained from the Center for Monitoring and Research (CeMI), based on 69 percent of sample data processed, in the Presidential Elections in Montenegro, the candidate Milo Djukanovic won 35.3 percent, Jakov Milatovic, M.Sc. 28.8 percent, Andrija Mandic 19.4 percent, Aleksa Becic M.Sc. 11.30 percent, Assistant Professor Draginja Vuksanovic Stankovic 3 percent, Goran Danilovi 1.3 percent and Jovan Radulovic 0.8 percent of votes.

The head of CeMI’s mission, Ana Nenezic, said that this is the seventh CeMI’s conference.

She noted that the sample fills up very quickly, which means that observers at polling stations are dedicated and sending data as they receive it.

"You have a direct insight into how our sample is filled up through software that is available not only through televisions, but also through the ferizbori.me application and the ferizbori.me website," Nenezic said.

According to her, if the estimates remain, it is very interesting to state that for the second round we will have two candidates who come from opposition parties.

"It is also interesting that the parties that had a parliamentary majority after the 2020 elections, as well as the parties that have the support of the executive power failed to get support in order to be in the second round of elections," said Nenezic.

She believes that in this way the voters sent their message about how governing was exercised in the previous two years.

Nenezic also pointed out that a large number of irregularities was recorded, but that none of them could significantly affect the overall of the election process.

"I would just point out the fact that in Šavnik it happened again that we had a closed polling station, because someone took it upon themselves to not allow a voter who was registered in the voters’ list to exercise his right to vote," said Nenezic and called on the Prosecutor's Office to "put an end to it, not to repeat itself in the next election cycle".