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Based on 89.3 percent of the processed sample, Djukanovic won 39.9 percent of votes and Milatovic 60.1

02. Apr. 2023. in news

According to the data of the Center for Monitoring and Research (CeMI), based on 89.3 percent of the processed sample in the presidential elections in Montenegro, the candidate Milo Djukanovic won 39.9 percent of votes and Mr. Jakov Milatovic 60.1 percent.


Head of CeMI mission, Ms Ana Nenezic, at the ninght press conference congratulated the new President of Montenegro, Mr. Jakov Milatovic, as well as the citizens for a high degree of democratic awareness during the election day. 


"When it comes to voting by regions, Mr. Milatovic won 58.4 percent in the southern region, 63.1 percent in the central region and 60 percent in the northern region. In Podgorica he won 67.9 percent of votes, in Niksic 62.2 percent, in Bijelo Polje 50.8 and in Bar 54.5 percent.", she said.


She also stated that Mr. Djukanovic won 41.6 percent in the southern region, 36.9 percent in the central region and 44 percent in the northern region.


"In Podgorica Mr. Djukanovic won won 32.1 percent of votes, in Niksic 37.8 percent, in Bijelo Polje 49.2 and in Bar 45.5 percent.", Ms Neneic said.


In the name of CeMI she thanked the Brittish Embassy in Podgorica for its role as a donor.