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Based on 90.5 percent of the processed sample, Europe Now won 23 mandates, and the DPS-SD-DUA-LP coalition won 22 mandates

11. Jun. 2023. in news

In the parliamentary elections in Montenegro based on 90.5 percent of the processed sample, Europe Now has won 25.5 percent of votes, or 23 mandates, DPS-SD-DUA-LP 23.8 percent, or 22 mandates, while the coalition of NSD, DNP and RP won 14.7 percent of votes or 13 mandates

This was announced by the executive director of CeMI, Ana Nenezić, at the press conference on the occasion of the preliminary projection of the election results.

"Based on 90.5 percent of the processed sample, the Democrats and URA won 12.3 percent, or 11 mandates, the Bosniak Party 6.9 percent, or six mandates, the SNP and DEMOS 3.2 percent and have two mandates," Nenezić said.

She explained that CeMi now presents data based on a representative sample of 400 polling stations.

"These are preliminary data and cannot be taken as final. In addition, considering that we have a situation with several lists and parties that are on the verge of the electoral threshold, there is a great chance that they can reach it, but we also have those parties that have passed the threshold, but it may happen that they end up below it due to a small difference", said Nenezić.

She also pointed out that CeMI uses another methodology, which is parallel counting of votes in all polling stations.

"CeMI will also report on this data during the night. Now we have 70 percent of parallel counting, and you can monitor that data during the night on all our communication channels, the ferizbori.me application, as well as the website www.izbori.cemi.org.me," Nenezić stated.

She said that the Justice for All list has 2.9 percent, stating that it has a chance to reach the threshold in the next sample processing period.

"The situation is the same with the Social Democratic Party, which has 2.8 percent. When we talk about the Albanian Forum, it has 2.1 percent and two mandates. The second mandate is on the very edge, within a two-percent margin between having or losing that mandate," Nenezić added.

As she said, the Albanian Alliance has 1.5 percent of votes or one mandate, Turnaround 1.4 percent, DMP, PCG, SCG and DSS have 1.1 percent, PZP 0.7 percent, HGI 0.6 percent and one mandate, and WE CAN! has won 0.5 percent and no mandates.

"Regarding the overall turnout projection, it is 56.7 percent after the closing of the polling stations," said Nenezić.

She explained that, since there are several lists on the verge of the threshold, CeMI will use the parallel counting of votes that it does at all polling stations in Montenegro and report on that data in the next hours.