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CeMI: 35,5 percent-voters' turn out by 13h

19. Mar. 2023. in news

According to data from the Center for Monitoring and Research (CeMI), 35.5% of citizens voted in the presidential elections by 13h, the organization announced.


CeMI's PR coordinator, Maja Bjelic, said that 37.7 percent of citizens voted in the central region, 30 percent in the southern region, and 37 percent in the northern region by 13 PM.


"If we look back at previous elections, the turnout in the presidential elections in 2018 by 13 o'clock was 32,8 percent, in the parliamentary elections in 2020 54.1 percent, and in the parliamentary elections in 2016, 39.9 percent," said Bjelic.


As she emphasized observers and citizens continue to report cases of mobile phones use at polling stations and photographing of ballots (accompanied by posting on social networks), which is a violation of the provisions on the secrecy of voting from Article 69a and contrary to Article 71a of the Law, which prohibits the use of electronic communication devices in the premises where voting takes place.


“In two polling stations Montenegrin flag is not visibly displayed, which is contrary to the Rules on determining and organizing polling stations and measures to ensure the secrecy of voting - point 4. It has been reported that a voter who received an invitation to vote at a certain polling station could exercise his voting right as the electronic device did not recognize him.” said Bijelic.


According to her words certain polling stations are not adapted for unimpeded access for persons with disabilities, while one reported case witnesses a member of the polling board leaving the polling station which is contrary to the Article 72a of the Law.


„An observer reported that two members of the PB keep records of certain voters' turn out by using a special list they carried into the polling station thus violating Article 71a of the Law. A citizen reported that an authorized person is pronouncing the names of voters out loud at this polling station. This type of irregularity has already been pointed out by CeMI in its earlier announcements.”


Although citizens use the possibility to report irregularities, we still invite them to keep a close eye on what is happening in polling stations and notify us on all irregularities they come across by using the following phone number 020 511 513, as well as through the Fair Elections application, which is available on the play store and on the website www.ferizbori.me.

More than 70 media representatives have been accredited to follow the election day in CeMI's premises.

The mission of civil monitoring of the presidential elections in Montenegro in 2023 is implemented with the support of the British Embassy in Podgorica.

The next press conference is scheduled for 17:15.

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