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International Call for Experts in the field of electoral rights and election systems

01. Aug. 2018. in news

The Centre for Monitoring and Research – CeMI is forming an expert team, with good electoral background, which would conduct quality and thorough assessment of key disputed areas of elections and previous challenges.


Expert team which will be formed with an aim to analyze electoral policies and recent elections in Montenegro will be consisted of 3 members. CeMI is inviting experts in the field of electoral rights and election systems to be a part of the team as consultants. They should have both academic background and professional experience in election management, transparency and electoral integrity. Expert team will have Electoral/Legal Expert - Team Leader. Team leader should have specific professional experience in electoral activities, including familiarity with international and regional standards for elections; excellent understanding of the functioning of electoral system in Montenegro; previous experience in Montenegro/or countries of the region and good networks in all sections of society in order to be immediately operational. Other team members should also have academic background or professional experience in electoral activities. Their research activities will be targeted according to their interests and experience in different topics of election policies. Members of the expert team will be nominated as expert reporters to the Working groups, which would be established through this project.


Expert team will have the task to create policy analysis of key disputed areas of previous electoral processes in Montenegro. Analysis will be oriented towards assessment of following disputed areas of previous electoral processes: the legal framework of elections, political corruption (financing of political parties and misuse of state resources in election campaigns); electoral system and representation of women and national minorities at local and national elections in Montenegro, performance of electoral management bodies and integrity of voter’s lists, other relevant institutions (Anti-corruption agency, EKIP, Ministries, etc.) and media conduct during election processes, as well as other segments.


Interested experts should apply via phone (+382 20 511 424) or via e-mail, and send their CV at info@cemi.org.me until 14 August 2018.