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Referendum in Montenegro in 2006

07. Jan. 2017. in publications

“Referendum in Montenegro in 2006”
Authors: Ph.D. Srdjan Darmanovic, Ph.D. Veselin Pavicevic, Kubo Keiichi, Ph.D. Milos Bestic, Olivera Komar, Zlatko Vujovic, Pavle Gegaj

The publication "Referendum in Montenegro in 2006" was created as one of the results of the project "Civic monitoring of the referendum on state status of Montenegro", conducted by the Center for Monitoring CEMI.

This publication has been prepared with the aim to bring together all relevant material and information related to the referendum, in order to offer it to the reader and researcher who will deal with this issue. Authors of a certain segments are relevant names in the treated areas. For completeness of the material, in the form of contributions were added the final results of the referendum, the final CEMI's report containing the findings of the monitoring procedure of the referendum, the Law on the referendum on state status of the Republic of Montenegro and the opinion of the Venice Commission on the harmonization of the Montenegrin legislation dealing with the organization of referendum with the applicable international standards.

The "Civic monitoring of the referendum on state status of Montenegro" the Centre for Monitoring has implemented thanks to the support of Norwegian People's Aid (NPA), the Foundation Open Society Institute - Representative Office Montenegro, (FOSI ROM), the Swiss Embassy and the Embassy of Finland.

Download the publication in Montenegrin language.