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Equality of LGBTIQ persons before the law - Promoting the rights of LGBTIQ persons in court proceedings

The project "Equality of LGBTIQ persons before the law - Improving the rights of LGBTIQ persons in court proceedings" is a step forward in the fight against inequality and disrespect for basic human rights, when it comes to socially vulnerable groups, such as the LGBTIQ population. Special emphasis is placed on providing support and affirming activities that would lead to an equal position of the LGBTIQ population in the actions of the judiciary, and in this regard, the prosecutor's office, and the police. The project also deals with the issue of legal regulations within which human and minority rights are determined, as well as their implementation, or insufficient implementation of the same. In this regard, a comprehensive analysis of the legislative and institutional framework will be made with a focus on the protection of the rights of LGBTIQ persons in the region. Also, to raise the awareness of the representatives of the judiciary and the prosecution, a media campaign will be conducted within the project.

Through this project, it will be determined whether and to what extent the basic human rights and freedoms of LGBTIQ persons are violated, how judicial, police and prosecutorial officers treat the LGBTIQ population, as well as the reason for inadequate access to the LGBTIQ population in court proceedings and why their rights are limited.

What this project especially focuses on and advocates is education in the form of seminars, lectures, workshops, for justice officials in order to inform about sensitive and equal treatment of the LGBTIQ population. Raising staff awareness of shortcomings in practice and law enforcement, as well as increasing the capacity of trained professional staff are key factors in project implementation.