CEMI - Centar za monitoring i istraživanje

Elections 2012

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About mission

One of the activities that CeMI has been continuously implementing since 2001 is civic monitoring of elections through which citizens are actively involved in the political decision-making process, without supporting any political structure. Having in mind the importance of elections for all citizens of Montenegro, CeMI tried to contribute to the election process in a democratic and fair atmosphere by implementing the project of citizen monitoring of elections. CeMI's legal team monitored the entire course of the election campaign. Special emphasis was placed on monitoring the financing of political parties and their pre-election activities, as well as the occurrence of misuse of state resources for the purposes of the election campaign. According to the already established practice, CeMI also organized the monitoring of the election day.

The project is supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.

Reporting of election irregularities

Voters turnout estimate